[CLOSED] (Kuala Lumpur) Korean Seafood Overseas Promotional Event Recruitment Notice (PDF Files)

KualaLumpur Manager 2021.01.19


(Kuala Lumpur) Korean Seafood Product Overseas Promotional Event Support Project Application Form (2021 First Quarter).pdf (204,699k)

(쿠알라룸푸르) 한국수산식품 해외 홍보 판촉행사 참가업체 모집공고(2021 상반기).pdf (253,816k)

Greetings from the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Seafood Trade Support Center

Dear all, we are proud to announce that we are once again looking for import, export, distribution company that are interested in promoting Korean Seafood products within Malaysia to work with us for a Korean seafood products promotion project. 

For companies that are interested in working in this project with us please feel free to look for more details in the below attached files.

Thank you,
Kuala Lumpur Seafood Trade Support Center


한국수산식품의 우수성 홍보 및 소비증대를 위해 2021년 상반기 한국수산식품 해외 홍보 판촉행사 참가업체 모집공고를 올립니다. 

관심있는 업체 참여 많이부탁드립니다.

상세내용은 첨부파일에 참고 하십시오.


* Thank you for taking interest in our promotional project. Unfortunately we are will be stop taking applications as the budget allocation has been fully utlised. We once again thank you for showing interest in Korean seafood products and please stay tune for our upcoming batches of application.

*많은 성원에 따른 예산 소진으로 종료 되었음을 알려드리니 널리 양해 하여 주시기 바랍니다. 고맙습니다.